1940 März 04 Mantelvertrag zwischen OKH und DAG, Übersetzung ins Englische i



the German Reich (Reich Army Treasury) represented by the Army
High Command, hereinafter referred as OKH
the firm of Dynamit-Aktiengesellschaft, formerly Alfred Nobel
Co., Troisdorf, represented by its Vorstand, hereinfater
referred as Firm,
the following

O m n i b u s A g r e e m e n t

is concluded.

This contract is to regulate the collaboration of both
contracting parties for the purpose of founding, setting up,
starting, operating and maintaining, the plants in Doemitz, Guesen,
Hessisch-Lichtenau, Clausthal-Zellerfeld and Ueckermuende, which
are to manufacture prducts for the Wehrmacht[.] Financial tasks are
allotted in this manner, that the OKH provides the means to procure
the real estate, buildings, machines, tools and other
installations, which become the legal property of the OKH. The
plant will be taken over by the Verwertungsgesellschaft fuer
Montanindustrie G.m.b.H. Munich (MONTAN), acting for
the OKH and will be leased to the subsidiary, the Gesellschaft zur
Verwertung chemischer Erzeugnisse G.m.b.H. in Troisdorf, founded by
the firm with an original capital of RM 300,000.--, for the purpose
of operation and maintenance. [...]
Clause 1
I. The Firm has founded by order and for account of the OKH:
the following plants in Doemitz, Reuter Works, on the site shown in
the enclosed plan, (Appendix 1) [...]
II. On the basis of provisional order No.4-7012/34 placed on
19.9.1934, the Firm, on orders form and for the account of the OKH,
has constructed the following plants [in Güsen] on the site
shown in the enclosed plan (Appendix 2): [...]
III. On the basis of order No. 4-7104/35, placed with the Firm
on 7.9.1935 and supplemented on 4.10.1937 and 31.8.1938, the Firm,
by order and for account of the OKH, has further constructed the
following plants in Hessisch-Lichtenau, Friedland Works, on the
site shown in the enclosed plan (Appendix 3):
1.) a plant for the production of trinitrotoluene, with a
capacity of 1,000 tons trinitrotoluene per month with a
coagulation-point of at least 80o C, in 25 working days with three
2.) a filling plant to fill grenades and bombs with a capacity
of 1,700 tons per month Fp.60/40 (explosives mixture of 60%
trinitrotoluene and 40% ammonium nitrate) in 25 working days with
three shifts;
3.) a plant for the production of picric acid, with a capacity
of 250 tons per month of 25 working days with three shifts;
4.) a pressing plant for igniting and primer charges from
picric acid;
5.) a pressing plant for engineer and naval ammunition from
trinitrotoluene, in addition, the Firm has
6.) increased the capacity of the trinitrotoluene plant by
about 400 tons per month;
7.) untertaken to build a Nitropenta plant with a capacity of
150 tons per month of 25 working days with three shifts.
8.) On the basis of order No. 9-7043/37, dated 18.2.1937, the
Firm has further in
creased toluene stocks at Hessisch-Lichtenau by 1,000 tons
9.) On the basis of order No.9-5009/36 dated 18.2.1937, has
created the conditions for the alternative production of
dinitrobenzene at the trinitrotoluene plant.
IV. [Clausthal-Zellerfeld]
V. [Ueckermuende]
Clause 2
1.) The Firm is authorized and, at the request of the OKH,
obliged to delegate to its subsidiary any obligations and rights
resulting from this contract.
Clause 12
1.) The Firm declares explicitly:
a) that it will manage the plants which are the object of this
contract as trustee of the OKH. [...]
c) it is responsible for the careful selection of the people
entrusted with processing and carrying out the projects, as well as
with managing the plants.
2.) The OKH declares that it will indemnify the Firm against
any obligations and consequenzes which may arise from this
contract, unlesse the Firm is bound by the provisions of this
[Schlussbestimmungen: Laufzeit, Geheimhaltung etc.]
Berlin, the 4th March 1940
Troisdorf, the 4th March 1940
Army High Command
Represented by:
(signature:) Borley (?)
(signatures) MUELLER

i englische übersetzung des Originals, Fundstelle: BA Koblenz, AllProz 2, NI 7771.